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After months of searching we are pleased to announce and welcome Josh Jones as our new guitarist. Josh blew us away in auditions and we're extremely lucky to have found someone so talented. We hope everyone will join us at Josh's first gig with us at the O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham on Saturday 14th March.
We would like to thank everyone who auditioned or expressed an interest in joining the band. We had messages from musicians across the UK and there is some serious talent out there. We especially thank AJ Mills who has helped us out these last few weeks with our gig commitments, it was a blast!
Our second piece of good news is we are now working with FATangel Management who together with Eagle Two will be taking us forward as a self-signed artist. There has been a long standing mutual respect and appreciation so it seems logical that we work together!
We hope to have more news regarding gigs and releases shortly!
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